Adam Zhu
Founder and Lead Creative

In 2011, Adam graduated with a Bachelors in Design from Alberta College of Art and Design. Since leaving the institute he has not only immersed himself in the professional circuit of Graphic Design working for various design firms and freelancing, but also keep a foot on the Fine art world of local individual and Group Shows, city granted public art projects, and provincial museum exhibitions. The structured and deadline sensitive world of Graphic Design has allowed him the discipline to create quality within the parameters of time and requests, while his involvement in fine art allows him a release and flourishing of creativity, satisfying his compulsion to create within a freedom of his own device.

As an artist, Adam is interested in the natural world – human beings and animals – their interactions amongst, within and towards each other. He draws inspiration from the expressions of all species, whether it be facial or gestural as he feels it gives him insight to a private thought/ agenda/ mission/ PURPOSE. Adam likes imagine this purpose and weigh and parallel it against his own.